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Why should I get a dental crown?

Dental crowns are useful in many dental scenarios. Dr Greg Normoyle and Dr Annie Thompson may recommend a dental crown if your tooth is damaged by severe decay or has cracked because of an injury.

Sometimes, patients ask for dental crowns are used as part of a cosmetic smile makeover treatment to transform a stained or a misshapen tooth that is detracting from the beauty of the smile.  

Procedure for Dental Crowns in Casino, NSW

Before we begin the process of the dental crown, our cosmetic dentists may recommend one due to a weakened or broken tooth. We try to use the least invasive option whenever possible, especially if we can save your natural tooth. A dental crown keeps your natural tooth safe and protected and allows you to eat your favourite foods again without worrying about biting down on your tooth.

Patients always have the final say; we do our best to educate and inform. 

Are You Interested in Learning about Dental Crowns?

If you are troubled by a broken or cracked tooth and want to fix your smile, we invite you to call today to call Centre Street Dental to arrange a consultation with our cosmetic dentists.