General Dentistry

At Centre Street Dental we provide a full service to identify and treat any dental problems but also commit to work with you to maintacasino dentistin your long term dental health.

Our Casino dentist practice caters to your whole family. Helping children enjoy visiting the dentist is particularly important to ensure they learn to take care of their teeth for life. Our team make a special effort to make them feel comfortable.

We highly recommend regular maintenance appointments so  your dentist can identify any dental issues early and avoid more complex work in the future.

Expert care for more complex dental treatments

Our Casino dental team are highly trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of dental problems. We also work with other dental specialists to coordinate your care if needed.

Our visiting Orthodontist is available for regular appointments for people of all ages who are considering improving their teeth for functional and cosmetic reasons.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Casino

Not all visits to the dentists are about maintenance or fixing immediate problems.

We often see patients who have in the past ignored dental problems or felt unable to afford cosmetic dental treatment.

Now they are ready to make it a priority to look after themselves and correct issues which have been bothering them. Patients also like knowing that their problems are not getting worse and they don’t have to worry about losing teeth in the future.

We can work with you to improve your smile or correct long standing problems. There is no need to let missing teeth or painful teeth affect the way you eat or smile. Please talk to us about creating a treatment plan to allow you to be happy with your smile.

We get great satisfaction seeing patients who are happier within themselves because of the positive outcome that has been achieved.

Are you happy with your smile?

Centre Street Dental provides a comprehensive range of dentistry services:


Call us today to tailor a treatment plan to address anything which bothers you.