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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can we help you?

At Centre Street Dental, we welcome any questions and are here to help our patients make educated and informed decisions regarding their dental health and smiles.

We have answered some of our most common questions that patients ask.

If your question is not on this list, please let us know. 


Children's Dentistry

We like to see children anytime from two years of age. However, we are happy to see children younger than this should you be concerned about any aspect of their dental health.

Bring Your Children with You

We invite parents to bring their children with them to their own cleans and exams; it helps your little one get used to sights and sounds of a dental clinic. They may look to you to make sure everything seems about right.

Your child starts to develop oral habits at an early age, and this can set the tone for the rest of their life.

No pressure at all! This is why Drs Annie Thompson and Greg Normoyle work together with their fun dental team to make your son's or daughter's experience as fun, pleasing, and stress-free as imaginable. We want your child to want to come to the dentist.

If your precious one is a little shy around strangers, that's ok. We don't rush or hurry things; relationships will build at the pace they need to. 

Still, don't hesitate to call us if you think you are experiencing a dental emergency. These can be very immediate things like a severe tooth pain or bleeding gums, or an injury during sports. We are on your side; we are here to help you and your family at any stage in their oral health development.

Book an Appointment

We invite you to arrange an exam with us at Centre Street Dental. We look forward to hearing from you.

Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns are useful in many dental scenarios. Dr Greg Normoyle and Dr Annie Thompson may recommend a dental crown if your tooth is damaged by severe decay or has cracked because of an injury.

Sometimes, patients ask for dental crowns are used as part of a cosmetic smile makeover treatment to transform a stained or a misshapen tooth that is detracting from the beauty of the smile.  

Procedure for Dental Crowns in Casino, NSW

Before we begin the process of the dental crown, our cosmetic dentists may recommend one due to a weakened or broken tooth. We try to use the least invasive option whenever possible, especially if we can save your natural tooth. A dental crown keeps your natural tooth safe and protected and allows you to eat your favourite foods again without worrying about biting down on your tooth.

Patients always have the final say; we do our best to educate and inform. 

Are You Interested in Learning about Dental Crowns?

If you are troubled by a broken or cracked tooth and want to fix your smile, we invite you to call today to call Centre Street Dental to arrange a consultation with our cosmetic dentists. 

General Dentistry

There are so many things in life that are more difficult than they need to be, your dentist shouldn't be one of them.

At Centre Street Dental, we don't believe in hidden fees and surprise bills. It is not our aim to make bill paying a circus show. Instead, we aim to clearly state what each procedure costs along with alternate treatments. 

A fee range is given to all patients when you ring for your initial appointment. Following an examination with Drs Greg Normoyle and Annie Thompson, we provide patients with a written treatment plan which includes an estimate of fees for subsequent appointments.

If You Are Unsure, Just Ask Us

We always let patients know at all times what the fee will be, to keep ourselves and families happy. 

If you are interested in a cosmetic procedure like professional teeth whitening to give your teeth a lift, ask one of our dentists, and we'll be more than happy to write up a fee estimate for you. 

It doesn't hurt to ask, and many of our cosmetic treatments are more accessible than you think. 

Our Friendly Dental Staff Can Answer Questions

If you're unsure about your appointment cost, we invite you to give us a call at (02) 6662 8585. 

At Centre Street Dental, we believe that an Active Maintenance Program is the cornerstone of good dental health.

This generally involves seeing Dr Greg Normoyle and Dr Annie Thompson twice a year for your maintenance appointment.

What Is an Active Maintenance Programme?

As stringent as it sounds, our Active Maintenance Programme just implies an excellent oral health routine. We ask for daily brushing and flossing at home, coupled with regular visits to see your preventive dentist in Casino, NSW. 

Anyone can join, no one is too young or too old. 

Our Restorations Help Restore Missing Teeth

Your oral health is incredibly important. It is terrible when you can't eat your favourite foods because you can't chew, or when you can't speak clearly because of missing teeth. At Centre Street Dental, our goal is to help you keep all your natural teeth.

If some are lost, then our next goal is to restore them with bridges, dental implants, or dentures. Our dentists work hard to offer patients many different cost-effective and beautiful restorative options. 

We Recommend Seeing Us Every Six Months

The best way to avoid replacing missing teeth is through preventive dentistry. We invite patients to call us at  (02) 6662 8585 to learn more about preventive dentistry. 

You should bring a full list of your current medications and your private health insurance card, should you belong to a private health fund.

Call Our Experienced Staff

While everyone on our dental team works hard to provide you with the care and service you deserve, we will allow our front desk attendants to take front and centre stage when it comes to matters of financing and insurance.

If you are coming from another dentist, please ask them to transfer your patient records to us. If you can't, that's fine; we will create new records starting with your first appointment. Having a record of your medical and oral health history is always preferable so that we can see the progression of any dental restorations or oral health issues. 

We Invite You to Arrange a Dental Exam

If it's been a while since your last one, or you are a new patient with us, do not hesitate to give our Casino, NSW dental staff a call today.

Our preventive dentists also offer restorative, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry for your entire family. 

Dr Greg Normoyle and Dr Annie Thompson look forward to providing the dental care and patient services you and your family deserve. 

We pride ourselves on providing pain-free dentistry. All of our practitioners take extra time and care to make sure that your experience is as comfortable as possible.

We Create a Warm and Stress-Free Atmosphere

Dr Annie Thompson and Dr Greg Normoyle can understand how a bad dental experience as a child (or even as an adult) can turn into dental fear or anxiety. Knowing how scary a dental procedure can be, we do our best to create a warm and welcoming environment. 

Together with our friendly dental staff, we try to create a fun and comfortable experience so that patients change their understanding and perception of the dentist. 

We ask patients to let us know if they have a dental phobia, we will work with them through each step of the process. This includes letting them know what we are going to do so they can adjust, and talking through their anxiety. 

We understand that dental anxiety is a major factor in people avoiding making an appointment. We take the time to listen to all of your concerns.

Don't Feel Embarrassed By Dental Anxiety

We will clearly explain the procedure prior to commencing any treatment, and should you have any concerns throughout the procedure, simply raise your hand, and we will stop and work through with you how we can help.

We ask that patients never feel embarrassed; dental fear is common among many adults. This is why we focus on sound and healthy first impressions with our baby patients. It really takes one bad dentist, and a patient's oral health can be compromised for many years. 

Do not hesitate to let us know if you're worried or anxious; we are there for you. 

Not finding what you need?
Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. At Centre Street Dental, we welcome our patients seeking a second opinion should they feel the need to do so.