Why Dentist Designed Mouthguards are Important for Support

Why Dentist Designed Mouthguards are Important for Support

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to protect your teeth; they will hopefully be with you for the rest of your life. That is why having the correct sports mouth guards should be at the top of your priorities right from the word go. With hundreds of brands and styles at the local sporting goods store, how do you know which one is the best to not only fit your needs, but also to fit your mouth perfectly? Although there are many different styles of commercial sports mouth guards that will mould themselves to fit your mouth, the best ones you can get are going to be the ones designed by a dental professional with the athlete’s needs in mind.

When you are dealing with younger children or adolescents, erupting teeth, the loss of baby teeth, and the growth of the jaw can be accommodated by a custom made mouth guard. Even the best over the counter sports mouth guards don’t have the ability to address those changes and you would have to replace the device with a new one. Commercial mouth guards are also made of softer materials, so where a custom fit dental appliance may last you up to two years, a commercially bought boil-to-fit model may last only months.

When a dentist fits patients for custom sports mouth guards, they first make precise models of the mouth. This is the most important reason for getting a custom made guard. The precise fit will be comfortable, odourless, tasteless, have sufficient protection for critical areas, have excellent retention and most importantly, it will not restrict your breathing. All of these features are possibilities when buying a commercial grade guard.

Block Quote: Dr. Keith Hunter, Australian sports dentist, reported that “ … mouth guards should be of certain thickness, without being bulky…the mouth guard material should be bio-compatible and have good physical properties…each athlete should be evaluated individually for thickness and design as to promote comfort and sufficient protection.” http://www.sportsdentistry.com/mouthguards.html

Above and beyond the regular commercial sports mouth guards, the market has seen the introduction of what is being called high performance dental appliances or performance enhancing mouth guards. These high priced mouth guards are most often sponsored by Sports Stars and deliver sky high claims of enhanced strength, stamina and concentration. Because there haven’t been any clinical trials to prove or disprove these theories, together with the fact that these mouth guards are made of the same inferior materials as the rest of the commercial products, it is more important than ever that the general public knows how vastly superior dentist designed mouth guards are to commercial sports mouth guards.