Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

centre_st_0160Sometimes the nerve of a tooth can become damaged or infected. This can happen as a result of trauma such as a broken tooth or when a hole in a tooth gets so big that it invades the nerve.

In the past, the only treatment in cases such as these was removal or extraction of the tooth. With a procedure called root canal therapy these teeth can now be treated and retained.

How Does It Work?

The nerve of the tooth sits in a canal system in the roots of the tooth. Different teeth have different numbers of canals but generally front teeth have 1 canal and back teeth have 2-4 canals.

  • Root Canal Treatment involves removing all of the tissue from these canals, reshaping them and then filling them with a special filling material that seals the canals and does not allow any bacteria to invade the area. Root Canal Treatment is a complex procedure and sometimes requires referral to a specialist known as an Endodontist.
  • When a tooth has been root filled, it is a lot weaker and typically the dentist will advise that the tooth have a crown placed. The crown acts to protect the weakened tooth and significantly reduce the chance of the tooth splitting.

If you want to know more about Root Canal Treatment or are concerned that your root filled tooth may be weakened,

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