Your Child’s First Appointment

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We look after your child

When your child arrives for their first appointment they will be greeted by the smiling faces of our friendly front desk staff. There are lots of toys and children’s books in the corner of the reception area for them to read while the parent fills out the medical history forms.

We spend time with your child

At the time of their appointment:

  1. They will be invited to come through into the clinic with mum or dad. We always spend some time showing them as much of our equipment as possible and explain in child friendly terms what it is all used for.
  2. They will then have a ‘ride in the chair’ and the dentist will ‘count their teeth’.
  3. Sometimes x-rays are needed to help with the diagnosis of any abnormalities.
  4. The dentist will then clean their teeth with a ‘special electric toothbrush’ and paint the teeth with a fluoride gel.
  5. At the end of the appointment the dentist or the dental assistant will show your child how to properly clean their teeth.

And they leave with a goodie bag

The appointment typically finishes with:

  • A ‘high-5’ from the dentist and a balloon.
  • Our special sample bag from the dental assistant as part of the child dental benefits.

Should your child require any other treatment, the dentist will spend some time with you, the parent, discussing how you can best prepare your child for their next appointment.

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