Children’s Dentistry

We focus on a child friendly environment

A trip to the childrens dentist for your child should not be something to be dreaded. In fact most of the children treated here at Centre Street Dental enjoy their time! This is because with the advances in technology and techniques now available in dentistry, there should be, literally, nothing to fear.

Admittedly, the site of a dental chair with tubes and bits hanging off it can be a bit daunting.

We believe that good communication combined with an understanding of what the child may be feeling are of utmost importance.

What we say to your child

It is completely understandable that a child coming into a dental surgery may be nervous. That is why the dentists and staff at Centre Street Dental take the time to explain, in very child friendly terms, what they are going to do.

  • We make sure that the child is as comfortable as possible and in a space where they feel free to ask as many questions as they like.
  • It is amazing the types of questions that a child will ask that is completely different to what an adult may be concerned about. For example, children are often more concerned about what something tastes or feels like because they have no previous experiences.
  • If they know what things are going to feel like before it happens, their fears tend to vanish as they are already prepared.

We also make sure that the language used in front of the child does not include words which might instil anxiety. Words such as needle or drill are not used as they are unnecessary and may cause fear.

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If your child should need to have a filling for example, we can eliminate concerns by using a rubber dam to isolate the tooth. This allows us to do the filling without the child feeling overwhelmed by all the water.

We are extremely skilled in caring for our young patients as we believe positive early dental experiences help them to understand how to care for their teeth for their whole life.

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