Post-operative Instructions for Surgical Removal of Wisdom Teeth


  • Take regular pain relief tablets every 4 hours for the first couple of days. You should use Ibuprofen (2) unless you suffer asthma or are allergic to it. Panadeine Forte can be used in addition but remember it will make you drowsy and unable to drive or operate machinery. Some people in rare cases may need to take both (i.e. 2 Panadeine Forte + 2 Ibuprofen).
  • Take all your antibiotics if prescribed.
  • Rest for the first 3 – 5 days after the operation.
  • Perform regular mouth and throat rinses every 4 – 6 hours from the day following the surgery. Savacol is best.
  • Apply cold packs (from the chemist) or frozen peas to the jaws for 15 -20 minutes every 3 – 4 hours. Protect your skin from cold exposure with a cloth.
  • Bite on gauze swabs for 1 hour as need be should bleeding recur.


  • Engage in excessive physical activity for 3-4 days post operatively.
  • Eat or drink very hot or cold things for 2 days as they may restart bleeding.
  • Chew very hard foods for 5 – 7 days as these may cut the stitches inside your mouth.
  • Neglect your oral hygiene (rinses as above) and thus increase chances of wound infection.
  • 5 Drive or operate heavy machinery for 24 hours after your anaesthetic.

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