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The Australasian Academy of Dento- Facial  Aesthetics (AADFA) was established in 2010 and is dedicated to advancing the art and science of Aesthetic Dentistry for the benefit  of both dental practitioners and the public. Dr Greg became interested in Dento-facial aesthetics with facial injectables in 2015. He attended his first AADFA course in October 2015.

Owing to superior knowledge of facial anatomy; daily practical experience dealing with the functional and aesthetic aspect of muscles of the face; and an ability to provide accurate and comfortable injections; Dentists are among the most qualified people to be providing facial injections after attending facial injectables training courses with AADFA.

At Centre Street Dental, we are proud to be able to offer these enhancing aesthetic services to our patients with a focus on health, science and refreshing one’s overall facial appearance.

Dento-facial aesthetics is the ultimate cosmetic dentistry as it improves not only your smile, but the face that frames your smile.

Many patients choose to undergo dento-facial aesthetics to make the most out of a cosmetic dental treatment, so that wrinkles, fine lines or thin pursed lips do not distract from the appearance of their smile. If you suffer from any of these problems then the team at Centre Street Dental can help you. There are two main treatments involved in dento-facial aesthetics, including dermal fillers and muscle relaxants. However, dentofacial aesthetics takes into account your entire facial appearance, beginning with your smile and gums, and extending to other areas of the face. Overall improvement is our goal.

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Muscle relaxants are used to prevent static wrinkles (permanent wrinkles) from forming. This occurs when we use our facial muscles to contort creating lines which can develop into permanent lines with overuse. Many people develop permanent lines on their forehead, in between their eyebrows and around their mouth where regular use and expression occurs. Muscle relaxants are designed to reduce the risk of this overuse and formation of wrinkles without sacrificing total movement. Here at Centre Street Dental in Casino we use muscle relaxants for patients with TMD who actually experience pain from overuse of muscles, as well as patients who want to improve the appearance of their dento-facial (oral and facial) area. The treatment of TMJ disorders, tooth grinding (Bruxism), “gummy smiles” and many other conditions caused by undesired muscle action, can now be made simpler and less invasive through the use of muscle-relaxing injections.

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Dermal fillers are one of the most popular dento-facial aesthetic treatments as they restore volume to areas of the face that have become shallow with age, or simply never had volume to begin with. This is a popular treatment for the lips as they are part of your smile. Refined lines and luscious lips can improve the appearance and proportion of your smile as well as enable you to apply lipstick more precisely that can further enhance the brightness and appearance of your smile. Many people are born with an upper lip that is naturally smaller than their bottom lip or vice versa. For this reason many people choose dermal fillers to increase the size of one of their lips so that they match proportionally.

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