Dr Daniel Busch

Dan Busch

Dr Daniel Busch is our General Dentist and joined the clinic in 2018.

Daniel comes to Casino from North Brisbane, where he completed his training, including 5 years of study with rotations at the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads Hospital.
Daniel graduated with an academic achievement award two years running and started studying when he was 17 years of age.

He is a General Dentist and works in all areas of dentistry, including root canal, extractions, treating gum disease and so forth.

Why Casino?

He described his field as being “quite competitive” but says he feels honoured to be working in Casino and with me as his mentor.
In comparison to his time spent in the major hospitals, I wondered how Daniel found working in a smaller town.

Community focus

Daniel described how surprised he was to find how well resourced this clinic is. Originally from Yass in ACT, he had found city life ‘very busy’ and felt drawn to Casino in comparison. He enjoys the sense of community we have here in Casino and feels this is the perfect place to settle down and begin his career.

When asked more about the sense of community, Daniel mentioned how much he valued the company of other people who you cross paths with regularly. He loves being part of a place where you share values and interests and you interact regularly with people who know your name and will stop you in the supermarket for a chat!

Daniel enjoys working with people and cannot believe how kind people have been to him thus far. His family are close by on the Gold Coast, which is an ideal travel time to go and see them on the weekends.
When he is not looking after our patients, Daniel has a keen interest in tennis, piano and hiking and enjoys volunteering and getting involved in community events.